I have been on the birth control, Junel for about 2 years now. I have a 28 day cycle. In the last two months I haven't missed any pills. On my last day of my pack (March 15 2015) my guy friend tried having sex with me. He stuck it in a couple times. I finally made him stop. He did not cum in me. I could not get my new pack of birth control that night because it was late. The following morning I went and got it and also got plan b one step. After taking my pill and plan b one step I had a headache and cramps. A week later my nipples hurt. On Saturday march 28 2015 I had some brown spotting and some Sunday. Hard to tell today. My doctor did say brown spotting is normal between my periods on Junel. I get my start my sugar pills this Sunday and get my period the following Wednesday every month. Could this be implation bleeding or just all the hormones in my system?