I have been on birth control for over a year but around 5 months ago switched from generic brand "A" to generic brand "B" due to changing pharmacies/insurance. Once I started taking the new brand "B" of birth control I noticed that I would basically have a period twice a month, around two weeks before I was suppose to have my period and then the week I was suppose to have my period according to the birth control. However the discharge/period I get earlier in the month is usually heaver than my actual "period" I get when i'm suppose to have my period. Sometimes my actual "period" is nearly nonexistent. I haven't had time to see my doctor about this because I was out of the country for over a month, then started a new job and have been traveling almost every week since. I plan on seeing my doctor during thanksgiving when I will finally have a break to talk about it and get the problem fixed.

Also just to add, I am really good about taking my pill everyday when I wake up and have probably only missed a pill once several several months ago.

Today is Monday and I had a period/discharge Sunday-Thursday of last week but I just started the last week of pills of my birth control yesterday and should be having my actual period this week according to the medication. It has not started yet. The twist is that I also had unprotected sex sunday/yesterday (he pulled out though) and I am worried about how effective my birth control is since I am responding to the newer brand differently and my period has been weird. Should I consider using a morning after pill or other form of contraception in my current situation to minimize any possible chance of me getting pregnant?