The night before Thanksgiving, Wednesday November 25, I had unprotected sex. I ended my period on the 22nd as that was when I took my new round of birth control. He did not c*m inside me, or at all. He did not even climax it was very short. However, I was still afraid of prec*m as this unfortunately was my first time having sex and it was unprotected (stupid I know). I'm on birth control, however I was drinking that night and my OBGYN told me alcohol reduces the effects of birth control, so that is why I got plan b about 12 hours after having sex.
The first few days I had mild cramping, but nothing compared to what it was like before I got on birth control with how severe my period cramps were.
For the most part I've felt fine, but starting yesterday I've been feeling mildly nauseous. Is that normal? I feel like almost two weeks is too much for these side effects to still be in tact, but I'm wondering if it is because my period is supposed to come next week? I'm also worried because I know nauseousness is a symptom of pregnancy.
Please help me. These past two weeks have been so stressful and the unprotected sex was not worth all this anxiety.