These questions are always so hard to ask. Anytime I have asked a question on here, however, I have always had great support. I have been trying to research on my own, and have had very little success. My friend had a little scare. She explained to me that she thought she may have left her tampon inside of her, but was unable to retrieve it. After she explained further, it did not sound like to me that she actually had her tampon still inside of her. She said that she didn't feel well, and became concerned that she was not well because she had unprotected sex the night before. I told her that I really didn't know that she would feel ill that quickly, but of course I have heard different stories before. To be better safe than sorry she should take an emergency contraceptive. I take ortho-cyclen, not to be confused with orth tri-cyclen. I became very ill last month, so there was a week the I did not take my BC, to avoid becoming more nauseated. I had heard that taking a certain amount of BC could work as an emergency contraceptive. I explained this to her, but also explained that I was not at all sure and taking the plan b was still the safest way to be sure. She took 3 of the ortho-cyclen, because she did not know if she was going to be able to get the money to purchase the plan-b. She took the BC at 2:43 pm yesterday afternoon. I told her to eat because BC makes you quite nauseated. She still became nauseated despite the fact that she ate. I told her that was normal because she ingested quite a bit of hormones. This morning she explained to me that she was still very nuseated, and that she purchased and took the Plan-B yesterday after work. That was around 7 pm. She stated that 15 min after taking it she could not keep it down, and vomited.
So if you have taken the time to read the longest explanation in history, I ask, will the Plan-B take effect if she vomited 15 min after ingestion? Will the 3 ortho-cyclen BC act as an emergency contraceptive, or at least help with the Plan-B? How long do you think she will experience her nauseated symptoms? And what symptoms should we become concerned about if she continues to experiences? And lastly, which symptoms should we be very concerned about if they occur?
I apologize for the long winded explanation. I know it helps to have as much information as possible. Thank you in advance for your knowledge and great help.
-concerned friend