... sex with my partner on Jan 21 and he had finished inside me.
I went to my Dr on the 23rd and got a plan b one step. My Dr said that the pill should work since I was still on time for the 72 hrs after unprotected sex. My Dr took a urine sample from me to check for implantation or any STD's. My Dr told me that if I didn't get a call from them in the next 3 days, everything was fine. I took the pill shortly after getting it.
My Dr said I could get my period any time up to 3 weeks after takeing the pill.
I still hadn't gotten my period when I had unprotected sex on Feb. 1. My partner says he did not ejaculate in me but he was acting a lot like the time he did that it made me not believe him.
I feel like he just felt bad for doing it in me again that he just didn't want to tell me.
That night I took another plan b one step even though I hadn't gotten my period from the first time.
Assuming it worked the first time takeing it,
Could I be pregnant? ..
I'm so scared right now.