I am very careful with sexual activity. I've only had sex with one guy. I was caught in a situation where I was having sex (and for some reason I was very dry-sorry for tmi) but the dryness caused the condom to break. He pulled out immediately. Did not ejaculate but possibly pre-cum wouldn't gotten in me. I peed immediately after. This happened about two days before my expected ovulation (according to my period tracker app- so give or take a few days-THE REASON WHY IM SO SCARED) The following day we went to the drug store and bought Plan b- one step pill. I took it about 13 hours after the incident. I had so symtoms till about a week ago. I started having cramps just as my period cramps feel. I'm expecting to get my period in 4 days. My breasts have also been a little sore- again a usual symptom. But the cramps seem to be more on and off than usual. I've also felt bloated all month. I've never taken plan b before and I haven't been on any type of birth control. I'm hoping this is all from the plan b and not pregnancy? Now I'm starting to feel kind of hot (maybe from nervousness) please comment. Anything will help