On March 5th, my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex for probably around 20 seconds before realizing what we were doing and then getting proper protection. He did not finish inside me and my period had ended on March 2-3, so I don't think I was ovulating. Still, I was paranoid, so the next day I went to the pharmacy and got Plan B One-Step. A week later I experienced a very early "period", but it was only 2 days long and my normal period is usually 4-5 days. This mini period was 2 weeks earlier than my expected period. I am still spotting a little and am very worried that I could be pregnant. Is there any chance that I am pregnant? My boyfriend was unprotected for under 30 seconds, did not finish inside me, my period had just ended before this occurrence and I took Plan B the next day.
Thanks for any answer, just wondering if this bleeding is normal/a sign that Plan B is working. Also, will my expected period still happen even thought I had that mini 2 day bleeding and spotting? Trying to put my mind at ease, thank you.