I had 3 unprotected sexual encounters (same man) and he finished inside each time on March 22 & 23... IUD (Copper T) came out morning of March 24. After worrying for an hour about the chances of pregnancy since the IUD fell out I decided to get Plan B (and took the pills) on March 24. On March 25 - I had a small amount of spotting (only noticed while wiping).

The IUD is necessary because my boyfriend is well endowed - condoms just do not work but since the IUD was out I insisted on the "no glove, no love" policy until I could have another IUD in place.

On March 25, after spending $50.00 on condoms - and none working out - we ended up having multiple unprotected encounters that night using the pull out routine (I know dumb, dumb, dumb).

On March 26, we again had unprotected sex (pull out method) and I then went and got a second dose of Plan B - took the pills - no spotting this time. Just lightheaded, emotional and slightly nauseated.

On March 28th and 29th (29th is day 11 of my cycle) We engaged in more sexual intercourse - using the pull out method and the last encounter he didn't pull out in time and finished inside.

Since my symptoms from the Plan B are getting worse (excluding the bleeding) the second time - I will not take it a 3rd time. I have avoided my boyfriend since the 29th and have refused to continue having sex until an IUD is in place - but I am still worried!!!

I am due for my period on April 14-15 and I am wondering if the 29th encounter is covered, or if the sperm has a chance of surviving the 3-5 day lifetime and fertilizing an egg?

Basically could I be pregnant? Have you or anyone you know experienced plan b failure in such a circumstance?