I had unprotected sex but 20 to 24 hours later I took the plan b pill. I was told in a previous question asked that I was most likely not pregnant as he didn't ejaculate in me but just to be sure I took the pill anyway. I had unprotected sex April 6th the second day of my period. Two days later my period stopped. About 14 days after I had sex (about 13 days after I took the plan b pill) I started spotting. The dates were April 21st through April 23rd. It wasn't really spotting looking. I wore a pad those three days and to me it almost looked like a mini period almost like the light bleeding you get the last couple days of your period but the lining from my uterus wasn't there. I'm due for my period May 3rd. Could these three days of light bleeding been my period? I know the plan b pill can make you period come early or late but I would like a sure answer if those three days of light bleeding was possibly my period. Thank you.