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I took Plan B and got my period but my stomach feels upset in morning. What does that mean?

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LousArk 22 Sep 2017

Plan B is a huge dose of artificial hormone for your body to deal with. If you're not pregnant (& women can seemingly have a period & still be pregnant), then it could be your body still readjusting.
Do a test to rule out pregnancy, & assuming you aren't sick with any other cause, it's likely to be the Plan B.
If you get worse, see your doctor.

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Jenny102 22 Sep 2017

The thing is I took plan b the 31st of August, and I got my period the 13th of September. But now its the 22nd so I dont know what to think. I'm only 17 and not ready for a child

LousArk 22 Sep 2017

When was your last period from & until? Are they always regular?

Jenny102 22 Sep 2017

I gotten my period between August 13-17th I cant remember what date though, but yes I get my period regularly

LousArk 22 Sep 2017

Plan B works by delaying your ovulation until the sperm leaves your body (which can take up to 7 days max).
If you're already ovulating when you use Plan B, then it can't do that job. You'd need one of the other methods of emergency contraception; either the other emergency pill called Ulipristal Acetate or to have an IUD fitted by a doctor. Either of those things can be effective if done within 5 days/120 hours of the unprotected sex.
From the dates you've given, it sounds like you may have been ovulating when you had sex. There's therefore a strong chance of pregnancy.
You may have been in time to stop your ovulation, but only a pregnancy test will tell you. free discount card

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