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I took Plan B, got my period & then took Plan B again 14 days after? Will Plan B still be effective?

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LousArk 16 Jun 2017

It's not meant to be used so frequently. You could get a lot of hormonal side effects. Your bleeding could be irregular for some time.
If you took it as prescribed then it should still have the same chance of working as always.
If you're already ovulating then you'll need one of the other methods of emergency contraception instead. Plan B won't work.

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Luvlymarta 16 Jun 2017

So will I get my period once again even though I got it 10days ago?

LousArk 16 Jun 2017

It's impossible to say as everyone reacts differently. There are no studies done on taking a double dose this close together. You could get lots of bleeding or no bleeding for months. It could be brown discharge or spotting. It could be a mix of all of those things.

LousArk 16 Jun 2017

The bleeding you got after taking the first Plan B may not have been your proper period. Plan B can cause hormonal bleeding. No way of knowing what it was.
A pregnancy test a couple of weeks or so after the unprotected sex is the only way to know if it worked for you. free discount card

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