Me and my boyfriend of 2 years don't want children NOW. I'm on no form of BC so we use condoms as the BC. My period ended on May 28th. On Memorial Day (May 30th) we started to have sex early morning with out a condom and about two minutes in we decided it was unwise and he put one on. I decided to get Plan Bthe next day. Since I was taking the EC pill anyway we had unprotected sex right before I took it and he did not finish in me I seen it myself (excluding pre cum). My period was due Jun 23 and it has not came yet. I'm going on my second month now. On the June 28th (5 days after missed period) I took two pregnancy tests they both came negative. Is this from the Plan B or should I be in panic? Also is from May 28-June 29 long enough to show positive pregnancy tests? I made a Dr appt also... somebody please HELP ME