intercourse time was around 1am-4am. I had no probelms, condom didn't break nothing. I was fine. Then I had unprotected sex. On July 2nd round (midnight-3am). Then July 3th I got the plan B pill. Just to make sure I would be safe. I don't wanna be pregnant so I took it just incase. Im suppose to have my period July 19th but I got it July 8th. It was almost black redish. Then the next day it got very bright red. It got really heavy. But now I just woke up and it slowed down. Usually it's 7days at a normal flow. Am I preganant?? I read about implantion bleeding which means you're pregnant. I'm very scared. Someone help me??? My period is weird& irregular. Lately it's been on track but sometimes I get it early or later. But I go to the beach this July 18th-22nd. And a few times before I got my period twice in a month. So if I finish my cycle now am I gonna get it when I was suppose to the 19th??? I would like to know so I don't get it in the water.. Can someone please help me out fast. Am I pregnant?? Am I gonna get my period twice?? Will I get it while I'm at the beach??