Hello. My last period started on Oct.30th, and I had a sexual intercourse on Nov.6th & 7th using condom (no leakage) plus my partner did not ejaculate at all to prevent pregnancy... But I was still worried so I took Plan-B as additional protection method on Nov.7th (about 20 hrs later from first intercourse) After 6 days later, on Nov.12th, I spotted blood clumps and it continued for 4 days. My period is usually irregular. But I am supposed to get period around Dec.6th, and still nothing. I am worried because I have no period symptom at all. Usually I should have little cramps on my lower stomach + sore breast... but still nothing! (Having headache, little bit of nausea/bloating) Is this sign of pregnancy? or did plan-b reset my period cycle? I am worried that this could be pregnancy... plz help!