Hi there, I need some advise regarding my situation.
I got my period 5 weeks ago, had unprotected sex on day 7 of my cycle, took plan b within 24h. Unfortunately I had unprotected sex after that again, approx. one week, because I thought plan b would cover the whole month.
My period is now more than 7 days too late. I got cramps in the last days and light bleeding/spotting, but no period so far. I also have signs such as dizziness, and frequent urinating, light nausea from time to time. I know about the side effects of plan b, and that they can be the same as early pregnancy symptoms. But is it normal that they occur (like in my case) first time after 3 weeks taking plan b? I did not have any effects like this before.
I did a pregnancy test today in the morning, but it showed a negative result. Was this too early?
Don't know what to do next. Please help.