Hello, I am 28 years old and I recently had to take Plan B for a malfunction in two birth controls. Yea... lucky me right... I just started the Nuvaring, it's been a week or so being on it so I know it isn't going to protect me from becoming pregnant at this moment... so me and my BF have been using condoms for good measure. I had sex with my BF in the morning on 3/26/17. It wasn't till later that I realized that the Nuvaring had fallen out (which I thought was no biggie since we used a condom) but then my BF tells me he noticed the condom had a tare in it but not until later that night (he should of told me sooner grr). so I unfortunately wasn't able to get Plan B till the next day on my lunch break, making it a day and a half until I was able to take it. I'm also pretty positive that was ovulating the day before and during this happened. Jelly like discharge, tender breast, slight cramps.. and of course high sex drive. My calendar also says so as well. but I know these aren't 100% accurate but still it helps to know when not to have sex..

So my question is, one you've already ovulated or are ovulating will Plan B still help? I keep reading mixed reviews, some say that once you've ovulated Plan B will no longer work in preventing pregnancy. And that the pill has no affect in preventing implantation of a fertilized egg.. But still I took it anyways just in case it will have an effect still on preventing it. I really don't want to get pregnant right now. I love my life as it is.. and a little one will just make it more complicated.