Hi kinda freaking out, back in July my then boyfriend and i, got a little tipsy and had unprotected sex ( though he pulled out), when I woke up I ran to the pharmacy and took plan b, not even 8 hours had passed since we had finished( I am not on birth control for the moment due to issues with my,insurance). I got my period a weeks early it was a pretty normal one, and I hadn't had sex with him since. We resumed activities (with proper protection) and my next period was on time (if I was counting from the week early post plan b period) but extremely light. Now it's been almost a month and a half since that very light period with no menstruation. My boyfriend broke up so no activities have oxxured since before the extremely light period. I took two clear blue pregnancy tests, both came up negative. I'm having a little bit of occassional pain kind of like a period cramp, so I keep thinking im,getting my,period to no avail. Could this still the plan b or something more serious? If so what? I haven't gained weight really ( a few pounds would could be the Chinese food and pizza I've been eating) and I would think I'd be having more symptoms if I was pregnant since its the end of September already but I'm freaking out over not getting my period (thanks "I didn't know I was pregnant" for making me paranoid)