I've had the Nexplanon implant for a little over two years, and it's always worked with no issues. After I started on Nexplanon two years ago I stopped having periods--until I got one three weeks ago. I know that periods can still be irregular on Nexplanon, but for two years I haven't had one and I'm worried that maybe my birth control stopped working? I had a period three weeks ago, and I had one last week too. My period ended two days ago, and last night I had sex with a guy and we used a condom to be safe but there were issues with it and it slipped off or something happened, I don't know. So now I'm worried that because my birth control is acting funny and the condom fell through that I could end up pregnant. Can I take Plan B with the nexplanon, or will it ruin my hormones and the two medications will cancel out. Basically, what I'm asking is is it SAFE to take and, in case my nexplanon isn't working, will plan B work?