This morning she took Plan B for a second time this month and a few hours later she had a dark color bleeding for only a little bit then it stopped, yesterday night we had sex without a condom and I came outside of her, a little bit got on her inner thigh, on her stomach, and I don't know but it might of landed on the very top of her vagina, let's just say worst case scenario some got around her vaginal opening as well. That's why I went ahead and bought plan b, again. Her last period started Jan 9th and finished Jan 16th, and her menstrual cycle is normally around 28-29 days long. Being the second time she took it this month I knew she was going to experience some changes, should I worry if she spotted this early after taking Plan B for a second time? What are the chances of her being pregnant? If anyone has any information on this kind of topic please let me know, thanks