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I took plan b on mon but last nite my husband didnt pull out is it ok to take plan b again?

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DzooBaby 3 Apr 2013

You can, but expect your cycle to be rather messed up for a while. Plan b is not meant to be birth control. It doesnt work that way. You should get yourself to a gynecologist or a family planning clinic and get on a regular reliable form of birth control if you are not ready to have children. Pulling out before ejaculation doesnt do anything to keep you from getting pregnant anyway. It is a wasted gesture.

smileyhappy 3 Apr 2013

Hi Nemo,

You can get pregnant doing the pull out method. Time to get birth control! Plan B is not birth control. My sister in law thought it was safe too and has a child now.

DzooBaby 3 Apr 2013

Too many women rely on Plan b as birth control. It is to be used once in a great while in the event of another birth control's failure, like a broken condom. Too many women seem to feel it is ok to have unprotected sex because they can just take Plan b after. It is not as effective as preventing pregnancy before sex. free discount card

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