Hello everyone. So, my boyfriend and I had sex a day after my period. ( the 19th of November). My period stared into the 13thand ended on the 18th .. However, we made a mistake and the condom slipped. He said nothing leaked however I took a plan b three days later just in case. A week later I had bleeding for five days just like my period. It stated off light and became heavier. Ever since I haven't had my period. I was suppose to have my period the 13th of December or around that time however it's the 28th of December and I still have no period. A week before ( the 14th) I got a really strong cramps but no period. Now these past two days my stomach has been making rumbling noises, I've been peeing a lot, I have clear discharge and cramps, sometimes I get cramps one side of my lower abdomen. However there's no period. I took two pregnancy tests on the 18th and they were negative. I don't know what to do.