Hey guys ... First off please don't judge me, I have made some poor decisions , I am 18 and I feel like a complete dummie. But here we go :
First off, I had my period the first week of January and ended up meeting a guy at a bar and having unprotected sex with him (note I was at the very end of my period). He did not finish in me , we had sex for like 4 mins tops. I took plan b the next day and it forced me to have my period. This past Sunday I again had unprotected sex twice with the same guy (no he does not have any STI's ) but he pulled out before he came. He kept telling me not to worry blah blah and me being stupid believed him and my friends and did not take plan b. Literally 3 days after this, so this past Wednesday, we had sex WITH a condom and it broke and he came inside me. So I took plan b once more. I am beyond freaked out. I know I probably should have taken plan b on that Sunday , and now I am SO bloated, I am freaked beyond belief about the consequences of my action and I have no idea what to do. I am hoping and praying I get my period from this last round of plan b. I am not on the pill due to a history of seizures but I do have an appointment for an IUD. Please I don't need rude comments , I just need some advice or reassurance. What is going to happen? What happens if I don't get my period? Is taking plan b twice in one month really bad?! Will taking the plan b on Wednesday be effective for not only Wednesday but perhaps Sunday as well? Why am I so unbelievably bloated :( (I wasn't the last time I took plan b). I really need help, I am so scared... This will ruin my life.