I'm extremely scared. My boyfriend and I had a condom malfunction on July 1st. Immediately after I took a Plan B pill and got my period July 5-8.

Again on July 13th we had a condom malfunction and I took the pill immediately after. This time however, I had spotting / light bleeding from July 17-20.

I've read on some websites that it means the pill worked, some say it's your period and some say it's just a side effect.

My period tracker clue predicted my period would come today (It did not) BUT when I plot the July 17-20 bleeding it predicts itll come later.

I'd also like to add that we had safe sex twice since then, both times we switched the condom when we felt it was becoming dry so it did not break thankfully. (Could I get pregnant from any precum getting on the new condom)

I feel bloated and gassy and I'm so scared. Could I be pregnant? or is my period just messed up because I took the pill twice in such a short period of time.