I had my period aug 12 or 13th. I should had been ovulating Aug26. I had unprotected sex everyday before and after ovulation time. I took plan b map about on sep02 (the 12 hour apart ones, 2 at onece like told by doc to do). I had NO side effects from it and got my period lighter than usual but still heavy sep16 but instead of 5-6days, it only lasted less than 3 days long. Whats the chance that it worked? Also I had unproteceted sex everyday after that also. I should have ovulated already this month also as long as plan b didn't mess that up. But on Sep25th (four weeks after taking plan b) I started to get symptoms,extreme breast pain,extreme dizziness,some light nausia, nipple clear discharge, headaches, hemeroids, fatigue,cant always eat and want to eat a lot at others,bloating,back side and stomach pains (not cramping), hurts to have sex (which is all my "normal" pregnancy symptoms, been pregnant a lot). I was told you shouldnt have side effects four weeks after taking plan b. It is now sep 30th and things changed,but still having this stuff. What the chances I am pregnant again? My youngest baby is 5 months old. I also have a 18 month old that keeps touching my stomach and saying baby and i had a messed up dream where i was pregnant with twins and had emergency c-sec (never had before), and one twin died in my dream. WHAT GOING ON, COULD I TOOK PLAN B TOO LATE,WHEN DID I OVULATE AGAIN,COULD I BE PREGNANT FROM LAST MONTH/THIS MONTH,ETC?? I don't mind if i am, i just hope the baby is fine if I am, it just i didn't think my husband wanted another right now. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP! THANKS:)