Hi, I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend 4 weeks ago (07/29/2015 by the first time for us) it lasted only a few minutes and he says he didn't ejaculate or even feel the pre-ejaculation feeling at all, however, i was very scared and i took the morning after pill 14 hours after the incident and 5 days after that i got the normal bleeding you get after taking this pill that only lasted 3 days (i know it was not my period due to my period was over 2 days before the incident) i've taken 3 pregnancy tests already and all of them turned out negative, i have an irregular period so it never comes in an exact date but im 10 days late after the day it came last time (07/20/2015) now (08/30/2015) im starting to have little cramps but nothing like i usually feel when im about to get my period, do you think im pregnant? or is this normal? please help me out i'll appreciate any opinion or any advice im very scared and desperate