Ok its a bit long because I'm going to add details so I don't leave anything out, I'm 21, busy all the time so I stress out a lot, get my periods on time, never used birth control but after this expirience I might consider it.
Okay so my partner forgot to use a condom and things got too heated, a day later I took plan B I checked it out on some websites to make sure it was safe and effective, about two days i had my period, my second period after plan b came actually early too then anticipated.
This whole time I still been tracking my periods with an app so we only had sex when i was in the clear of menstruating/ovulating, the next time we had protected sex, we were too rough and afterwards I started to bleed and i was still bleeding for few days but it wasnt my period the blood was thin like when you get a cut
anyways after that a week later we had protected sex bled a little bit so we stopped and right about now I'm supposed to get my period
I'm stressing out and overthinking everything because its been 31 days late... Giving my case that i had a bit of tear during intercorse could this make me sensible to make my cycle shift and to cause my periods to come late? Or is this still an after affect of plan B? Am i pregnant? Can anyone tell me what's wrong?