... slip incident & he ejaculated inside me (apologies for graphic descriptions). I took plan b (next choice brand) about 6 hours later when the pharmacy opened. A week later on April 6th I got my period. The next month, May, I got 2 periods about a week apart. The second one was so heavy I ruined a set of sheets. Now it's the end of June & I haven't had a period since may. I've had some brown gooey discharge for the past 2 days with the occasional spot of bright red blood in it but no regular period. I've also had PMS sympstoms of bloating, cramping, & irregular bowl movements. I've taken 5 first response pregnancy tests & they've all come up negative. I have not had sexual interractions of any kind since this incident. You should also know that due to long work hours & a slightly increased work our schedule I've been under a lot of anxiety. Should I be worried about no period in June or is this the cause of other factors? Thank you so much!