I had sex with a condom but we were worried about pre-ejaculate, so I took Plan B that same day (about 4 hours after sex). This happened on day 19 of my cycle. I think I already had finished ovulating a few days before I had sex. The leaflet said Plan B MAY prevent implantation so I thought I'd take it anyway to ease my mind. The next day I spotted a little bit. Now I think I'm either spotting again or have started a period. Still I'm really worried. I just now heard thay Plan B was useless after ovulation has already occurred or in my case, finished. Can I be pregnant but still bleed as if I have a period? Can you get pregnant if you have sex after ovulation is over, or nearly over? Is it normal to be a week early with a period on Plan B? This is my first time EVER using EC and I am scared.