Hi. I've been on birth control for 4 years and for the most part I barely miss a beat. However, there a few days every once in a while that I take them an hour or two before or after my scheduled time. On July 10th, I had just started my placebo pills and my boyfriend and I had sex and realized that the condoned broke before he could finish. I took a plan b 11hrs later and expected my period to be late. However, on Wednesday July 13th (the day of my expected period) , I noticed some light pinkish blood... By Friday, I had a light flow of bright red accompanied menstrual like cramps. I was reading online that implantation bleeding may occur 3-10 after having unprotected sex... Is it possible that I'm having implantation bleeding or is it a side effect from the plan b... I'm also having weird symptoms like dizziness, swollen breasts, pressure in my head