So i had sex on the 5th of July at 2am. I was really super drunk and dont remember to much but i do remember that when i was on top off that the condom came off to and he went soft. So we didnt continue. I had my cycle on the 21st of June and it lasted for 5days i believe. So that same day of the 5th at 12pm i took the morning after pill. So five days later on the 10th i started bleeding light and then very heavy for three days but today July 13 im not bleeding at all but still have the cramps and lightheadedness, headache, nausea, side pains and lower back pains. Which is says that its a normal side effects of the pill but im just paranoid and scared about being pregnant. I heard if you bleed alot though that theres no way you could be pregnant but thats not what the internet says... help!!!