I have been going the natural family planning route, or at least trying to. I have been using those clear blue easy ovulation tests and it seems I am an early ovulater, day 11/12ish. I had a mishap on day 10 which according to the ovulation tests was the first day of my peak fertility window. So, we went and got plan B one step, which I took about 18 hours after the incident. This is my first time taking the medication.
I had about 24 hours of general yuckiness following the pill but then nothing. 13 days after the pill and a week before my expected period, I start experiencing symptoms. My breasts were very swollen and tender, my nipples enlarged, back pain, bloating, constipation and spotting. The spotting was odd. It was faintest pink, barely visible only when wiping and only lasted a couple hours. These symptoms lasted about 24 hours and then went away. My breasts and nipples went back to normal size, still moderately tender but not like before. Two days later, I haven't had a period.
Has this happened to anyone? Does it seem normal to have less than 12 hours of spotting two weeks after taking plan b?