On the 1st and 3rd my boyfriend and I didn't have penetrative sex, and were careful about our genitals touching. On the 2nd I took the plan b generic and only had sore breasts from it. I'm due for my period in four days, and I know the next day pill can change your period. Today I started getting cramps, and have brown/red discharge that I usually get at the end of my period. It only coming out once and a while, not like my usual red flow that is heavy the first two days. It also seems to have clumps-but I'm not sure if they're endometrium or blood. My question is does the generic Plan B a. Cause a lighter period. b. Cause the period blood to change color or is it pregnancy and c. Although I took Plan B as a precaution and there was no penetration or semen, could I be pregnant?