To make a long story short. Me and my partner were fooling around. I gave him oral sex so he had already ejaculated (no where near my vagina). After that happened i (cleaned up) and he proceeding to rub his penis around my vagina. Then he put the tip in for 2 seconds and kind of on "accident" Me being the worrier I am, I know that pre *** can still get me pregnant even though chances are slim. I took plan b 12-14 hour later Im only 18 and Im not ready for a baby. I know I made a stupid mistake but this was the first time this has happened. Should I worry or no? Because as of right now I can eat or sleep and my expected period is in another week and a half.

After taking the pill, i understand that a lot of the side effects from plan B are the same as early pregnancy. i did not experience nauseousness or vomitting. But i have mild cramp in my lower abdomen, i'm tired (but I'm always tired), and I've been eating more, but i am a huge stress eater. I don't know if I'm just psyching myself out or what. But i'm a nervous wreck and i definitely learned my lesson. i just need someone to help and explain or reassure me.