Hi there.

I started birth control in February, meaning I've been on Tricira Lo 28 (my birth control) for 5 months. I take it roughly the same time every day (give or take an hour due to my schedule) and I've only ever took it late by 8 hours once (that was about 2 months ago). On June 22nd I had sex for the first time. We used a condom but we found out that it broke. Two days later I went to the local pharmacist and she recommended that I take Plan B. I took it and I was supposed to get my period last week but i haven't got it yet. Should I be worried? What are my chances of being pregnant?

I understand that I probably did not need to take Plan B and that it has most likely messed up my cycle. But should I still get my period for this month, just late?
Thank you for you help, I appreciate it.