I just had had an intercourse (Protected using Torjan spermicidal kind) with my bf. When he finished he pulled it out but didn't realize the condom was stuck inside of me until he got up. The condom was not completely inside of me, the tip was still outside of me. We suspect when he pulled out the condom didn't pulled out. We also did noticed he made a mess on the bed. It appears that he ejaculated on the bed as opposed to in the condom. We looked outside of the condom, doesn't appear to have any leak but the typical spermicidal stuff. However, we are both being cautious so I took a Plan B immediately since the the condom was stuck inside incase of any leak. My last period came on time, so assuming my ovulation was on 4/10 and next period should be expected on 4/24. How effective will plan B in this case to protect pregnancy and should I still expect my next period on time or delay? (next Thursday, 4/24, is expected period according to my app). Or should I even worry/stress out at this point?