This past Tuesday, January 12, my boyfriend came over and one thing led to another and we ended up deciding to try to have sex for the first time. I was still a virgin and since it all happened so fast, he didn't have a condom. he only went in slightly before I stopped him because I couldn't deal with the pain. Ever since then I've been experiencing pregnancy symptoms such ad bloating and feeling gassy, and today ive been peeing frequently and my period isn't due until the 20' I find it weird that I feel bloated if my period doesn't start until a week or so. He didn't come in me but we're worried some precum might have came out and we didn't know. It's only been two days and I really think we're both just paranoid but the more I think about it the more I worry. I took plan b today and I'm hoping it works since it's only been 48 hours.