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It ok to take a plan b the day after you sex?

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DzooBaby 26 Oct 2012

Yes, the earlier you take it the better. Plan b works best if it is taken within 72 hours of having contraception failure-it is designed to take in the event of contraception failure like a broken condom. It is not meant to be used as birth control. If you are already pregnant when you take it, it wont terminate the pregnancy. It is always best to prevent pregnancy in the first place rather than thinking "Okay, I can go ahead and have unprotected sex today then take Plan b after" If you are going to be sexually active you need to get yourself some reliable birth control. You can expect Plan b to also really screw up your system. Many women find after taking it that they are late to start their periods, some have no period for a couple of months, and it can cause symptoms of pregnancy like bloating, breast tenderness, nausea etc. and this causes women undue stress until they know for sure that they are not pregnant. If you take Plan b today, you are within the recommended dosing time. Just remember that it doesnt always work so dont rely on it like a birth control method.

908ok 26 Oct 2012

Ok because I had sex on a Friday then I took a plan b pill the next day so I was wondering if it ok to do early

908ok 26 Oct 2012

Plus the condom broke so just in case I use it

DzooBaby 29 Oct 2012

Yep, the earlier the better! free discount card

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