Alright so I posted this question earlier but somehow didn't go through but anyways so just last Saturday night, July 16, at around 11 p.m. my boyfriend and I had protected sex and with the result of him... fully... ejaculating in me but... the condom broke. But as soon as it did we ran to the nearest CVS pharmacy and got a Plan B pill and I took it. This was within at least 20 or 30 minutes after sex. But the thing is I have already taken a Plan B around almost now a month ago or 3 weeks... and that was with no condom but he never ejaculated but still had unprotected sex and i took the pill a day after. Now knowing this-my real question is whether the pill will still be as effective as it is or even better or worse? And should I take another pill, I read that the anti-progestin pill 'Ella' is way more effective, but want to know if it'll work? Now if there is any more further advice I would really appreciate it all.