A little over a week ago, I had unprotected sex. The next night I took a Plan B pill. Before I took this pill, I researched about potential side affects that could come along. Little did I know that I was actually going to have these stmpotoms. The next day was fine, no symptoms. Nothing. That night, was uncomfortable. I began to have some cramps, vaginal bledding (few drops) and some nausea but nothing to bad. Though, throughout this whole week these cramps have become increasing in pain and uncomfortableness. They feel as though my leftside of my uterus is explanding and stretching. These pains are more peominent at night where it is painful to sit, walk and lay on my stomach. When I walked I feel as my uterus is going to come out amd getting up from bed is painful aswell. I know this potentially be sode affects, but reality is that there are pregancies that have overrode Plan B.