I had my period on June 10th to June 14th which is normal for me. I had gotten back from vacation on June 20th and saw my boyfriend on the 21st. We decided to have sex, but the condom broke around 11 at night. I wasn't ovulating just then, but I was supposed to in about 6 days. I freaked out. I'm only 17 and can't get pregnant!! I went the next day and took Plan B at 2:30. I went home and took a nap. When I woke up I experienced ovulation like pains like needles in both of my sides. I soon started to become really tired and dizzy when I stood up too quick. I also felt a little bit of nausea but not bad. Its now been 3 days since I've taken it and I feel relatively normal. I understand that I might start to experience spotting soon but I have not yet. I'm filled with anxiety about this and I really need some relief! Could I become pregnant? How effective is plan B?