I have taken plan b three times within a month. The first time was on Friday March 11 after having sex and the condom fell off inside of me and he did finish. I took it that night and my period slowly started the next day and continued into the week ending on the following Friday. On Friday March 18 I had sex again and the condom broke and he did finish. That Saturday I took plan b again. The last time was the following Tuesday, March 22. Again the condom fell off. I took plan b that day. From that day until March 26 or so my period started again. It was light at first and then heavy and spotty then light once more. Sometimes it looked like a normal period. Sometimes not so much.
I am really afraid I could be pregnant. My period is supposed to start tomorrow or today and if it doesn't I'm afraid I could be pregnant. Is it possible.? Is it likely or no.? What are my chances.? Please help im freaking out.

I am fully aware that Plan B should not be used as a birth control method. I am also aware that I should begin taking birth control. Lastly... Yes I am aware that this is excessive. I just want help. I can't... Have a kid. That's why we used protection... Please help me... I'm scared.