Hi all - so I'm really worried because of how completely OUT of it I've been lately. On March 18 (a couple weeks ago) I had taken Plan B. I got my period a few days later and all was well, and then as soon as it ended I got hit with this wave of depression for a whole week. After that, I felt good again for a week, and unfortunately, I took Plan B again. This time I was fine until about 5 days later (April 28), I felt depressed/sad/anxious again. I got my period a little over a week later March 6th, and it happened to be over a week late. I was OK for a day or two of my period, and now I'm back to feeling depressed again.

This really sucks. How long will it take for my hormones to balance out again? I seriously hate feeling like this and honestly I am usually the most happiest, positive, person. Feeling like this is making me question is it the hormone imbalance or what? It totally sucks -_-