I am taking a Blisovi Fe 1/20 birth control pills. I have been taking this birth control since January and in May I missed/took 2 pills late (took 3 pills on the same day) in the middle of the pack. Went on the inactive brown pills, and had my period as normal. Then I had sex about a day after my period ended, and the condom broke. He pulled out too so I do not believe much got inside of me. So I took the plan B pill less than 2 hours after the incident to be safe. I resumed taking my next pack of birth control pills, and made sure I took them accurately and on time for the entire pack. Now I am on the inactive brown pills for June, and I have not received my period. Is there a possibly I could be pregnant or did the plan B pill just screw up my cycle and I am going to miss a period?? Please help I am freaking out!!