I had my period on the 27th of January and had sex on the 6th of February. However, the condom broke. (I was not sexually active prior to the incident because it was a one night stand, this is why I am not on birth control). Anyways, I took Plan B immediately after because I had a box at home which I keep in case of emergency. It was my first time taking the pill. Nine days after I took the pill I had bleeding for 4 days (it was quite heavy like a normal period). It's been 6 weeks and a bit now since my last period and I took 2 hpt which both came out negative. I have had no symptoms from the plan B except bleeding. I haven't had menstrual cramps (which i never get anyways) or soar breasts, etc. I understand plan B is a high dose of hormones so it makes sense if my period is a few days late but this is concerning. Where do you suggest I go from here? What is the likelihood I am pregnant?