Hi, so I'm a little panicky here and it's kind of a long story, so bare with me, but I'm really in need of some advice. So my boyfriend & I had protected sex on April 15th, the day after my period had ended, however the condom broke. The next morning I took Plan B, as I am not on any other birth control. I felt fine the first couple days after taking it with minimal side effects, and five days later I got my period again. It was about four days long & a regular-heavy flow. That was from April 20th-24th/25th. I was not sure if I should expect my regular period around the usual time (May 8th-10th) or if the Plan B had reset it to come around May 20th. Since the bleeding after Plan B I have been pretty badly nauseous & had headaches/breast tenderness/cramping, but I'm not sure if it's just my anxiety/lack of sleep driving me crazy. It's now May 25th & I have no period yet. I have a gyno apt. Friday & always manage to convince myself I'm pregnant, so I'm going to wait to find out if I'm pregnant until then, but I'm just wondering if this has happened to anyone else & were you or were you not pregnant?? Thank you for the advice!