I'm 21 , condom broke and two days later realized I missed a pill when I'm not sure but noticed on day 8 so took 7 and 8 then took plan b. I was confused when to take my birth control again so I restarted my pills on day one three days later (website said restart right after but pharmacist said when you start bleeding and I hadn't yet and got scared so just started taking them) on day around 5 now and spotting I'm just wondering am I supposed to get like a period while on my pills or I won't until the pack that's restarted is up? AMD the way I've restarted it when is it safe to have sex again? Like after 7 days will I be back on track with my pills? And this bleeding isn't a pregnancy sign right just plan b side affect? I'm on tricyclin and tend to spot around day 12 always anyway for a while now but never that early