Hello all, wondering if someone can help me?
I different a miscarriage on 9/10, I was about 4 weeks along and didn't know it. I went to the doctor and told him I wanted to be put on birth control, and he recommended I wait until I got my period to start my new BC pack. Two weeks after on 9/23 my husband and I had outercourse, no full penetration but his penis did come into contact with my vagina and he did not ejaculate inside of me. I got really paranoid and took plan b one step 16 hours later on 9/24. 6 days after taking the pill on 9/30 I started bleeding, lightly on the first day and then gradually got heavier and heavier. It was heavy ans clotty and lasted 5-6 days. My mind was put at ease but I woke up yesterdat after the bleeding stopped with mild nausea. And this morning again I had nausea and I'm feeling cramping in my abdomen similar to period cramps. I made an appointment with my regular gyno but it's not for another week and I'm wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar? Could I still be pregnant after all that bleeding?