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Plan B - Im 15 should I take EC NEXT CHOICE?

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itsmetoo2 24 Oct 2009

Bianca, As a person with years behind me I am going to tell you like it is. You need to get your mother involved in your life. You are 15 and have such a great life ahead of yourself. Your mother will understand, maybe not today but she will understand as you are her little girl. Have her go with you to a good doctor and talk about options. Because if you make a mistake now and it damages your insides. You will never live your vision of a family for tomorrow.

After this you need to buckle down get good grades, just do your best. Enjoy the prom, winter dance, basketball games and much more. With a child you can forget it. Bianca thank you for coming here and talking to us.
Just Enjoy Life as a teenager

Bianca121 24 Oct 2009

Thank you I am a good student it was just a mistake. I used to say how stupid girls were who didnt use protection but never though it would occur to me. Ive learned and hope that when i take a test it will come out negative

itsmetoo2 24 Oct 2009

Bianca, we all learn sometimes the hard way. Keep the grades up and work with your mom. You will be a good mom someday.

Inactive 24 Oct 2009

I'm going to say some Prayers for you. It will be alright no matter what happens. My daughter wrote me a letter confessing several things and she was so scared. I told her I loved her more than anything and that I wasn't mad at her or her boyfriend and we needed to do a test and then get on the Pill. She got mad that I made her take the test, but, it was Negative. She had been 45 days without her period and I figured she wasn't because she had no symptoms. When you are young, your cycle is trying to regulate itself and can be irregular.God Bless You Sweetheart. free discount card

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