I and my husband did unprotected sex early in April( this ongoing month). I took plan B pills after 24 hours. Then after 4 days i started with dark colour bleeding which lasted about 5 days. Then i consult my doctor and she gave me "Linessa 28" tablets and advised to start on first day of my period. On wednesday 22 April, i start spotting again. I took my first tablet on Thursday at 5pm. Spotting stopped on Friday morning. My husband thought i m safe from getting pregnant so Then we had unprotected sex on Friday night and Sunday morning. My doctor didn't advised me when these pills will be effective. I've used these type of pills just for a month 3 & half years before to stop the spotting problem after C-section. Now please tell me do i need to take plane B?? Or when i need to start my contraceptive pills again?