So, I had sex with my bf last Monday (11th). We were protected with a condom but I was still paranoid that it broke although he said it didn't. I took an Aftera pill, which is as effective as Plan B. My period is usually due at or around the 15th. This morning (17th), I woke up with cramps, bad ones too. When I went to the bathroom, my underwear had like no blood but when I wiped myself there was much more blood, red blood with clots. From my knowledge, that is not what implantation blood is the color of so, I shouldn't be too worried about pregnancy, correct? Also, I feel that if this is the effect of the pill, then it would last for just around 2-3 days, so would that be my period of this month? or should I expect another visit from Aunt Flo this month? Also, if my period for next month is late, could that also be because of the pill?